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MOH Health Plans in the country

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Kuwait Five-Year Plan

  • Development Plan includes 1,100 projects worth US$125bn, among them many are Mega Projects
  • Kuwait to spend US $7.3 billion on hospital projects in the next four years, 10 projects set for completion by 2016
  • Plan to create additional 3,334 Hospital beds capacity in the public sector by 2016.
  • Huge potential for latest technology medical equipment, furniture, supplies and specialized applications.
  • 4,000 doctors, 10,000 nurses + 13,000 other staff needed by 2016 to staff new hospitals
  • Huge healthcare tourism market growth especially to the US, UK, Europe and technically advanced countries

Planned Healthcare Projects in Kuwait



Exp. Completion

$200m Infectious Disease Hospital Design 2016
$718m Al Farwaniya Hospital expansion Design 2016
$200m Police Hospital Design 2016
$150m Al Jahra Hospital Design 2016
$400m Al Sabah Hospital Expansion Design 2016
$500m Maternity Hospital Main contact bid 2016
$500m New Pediatric Hospital Main contract bid 2016
$500m New Al Razi Hospital Main contract bid 2016
$500m Ibh Sina Hospital Main contract bid 2016
$500m Physical Med.& Rehabilitation Hospital Main contract Prequal. 2016
$400m University Teaching Hospital Study 2018

New Jahra Hospital in Jahra, Kuwait.

Al Diwan Al Amiri has invited tenders by CTC Grade 1 Contractors for the construction of New Jahra Hospital Project, Kuwait in a fast track execution method in a period of approximately 2 years.

The New Jahra Hospital (NJH) is a full-service general secondary care hospital, hosting a select complement of specialised services and the infrastructure to accommodate select tertiary care capabilities. The facility is planned with total built up area of approximately 375,000 SQM and supporting approximately 1,100 inpatient beds, a free standing multi-speciality dental centre accommodating approximately 100 clinics with their procedure and support areas

    The key unit includes:
  • A Women's Centre accommodating Gynaecology & Antenatal inpatient, post-partum beds, intensive care beds and Neonatal department including a Level III Neonatal ICU with a Level II Neonatal Special Care Nursery (NSCU). The Women's Centre also includes Labour and Delivery suites, operating rooms and an Assisted Reproduction Unit. A full-service Outpatient Department and an Emergency Department are programmed along with a dedicated Women's Radiology centre.
  • A full-service Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department supporting a Level II Trauma Centre with dedicated Helipad and EMS services are programmed along with Observation Units.
  • A dedicated Radiology, Laboratory, as well as Surgical Suite along with required support areas and a mass-casualty dedicated shelled space is proposed.
  • A Full-service Outpatient Centre with 110 multi-disciplinary and multi-speciality clinics along with full procedure operating suite. The clinics include Diabetes Clinics, Geriatric Medicine Clinics, Medical Oncology Clinics & Chemotherapy Unit, Haematology Clinics, Rheumatology Clinics, Dermatology Clinics, Nephrology Clinics & Renal Dialysis, Urology Clinics, Neurology & Neurosurgery Clinics, Multiple Surgical Specialties' Clinics, ENT Clinics & Audiology & Speech Therapy, Ophthalmology Clinics, Chronic Pain Management Clinics, Orthopaedic Clinics, Pre-Anaesthesia/Admission Testing Unit and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit are programmed.
  • All inpatient units accommodate either private (single occupancy) rooms or semi-private (double occupancy) rooms designed in three eight-bed pods maintaining gender and multi-speciality segregation. Approximately 15 % of beds are classified as Intensive Care / Special Care beds including some VIP Suites.
  • The Diagnostic and Treatment department may include modalities such as the: Surgical Suite, Day Surgery Patient Preparation & Recovery Suite, GI Endoscopy Procedure Suite, Non-Invasive & Invasive Cardiology Procedure Suite, Pulmonary Medicine Procedure Suite, Central Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR), Physical Therapy (PT), Respiratory Therapy, Central Pharmacy and Discharged Patient Pharmacy Outlet.
  • The examples of Services and support departments include: Entrance Lobby, Central Sterile Supply, Nutrition & Food Services, Cafeteria, Waste Management & Housekeeping, Laundry & Linen Service, Morgue, On-Call Physicians' Quarters, Educational Facilities & Auditorium, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Services, General Warehouse, Medical Supplies Warehouse and Pharmaceuticals Warehouse.
  • Administration Department with support departments such as: Hospital Administration, Medical Administration, Nursing Administration, Medical Records, Social Work Services, Human Resources, Fiscal Services, Infection Control, Quality Control & Accreditation, Transport Services and Information Technology is programmed. A Day Care Centre is planned to accommodate, infants, pre-toddlers, toddlers and preschoolers for the use of Staff, patients, as well as visitors.
  • A full-service Dental Centre with approximately 100 Clinics, multispeciality services covering general and specialized dental services.
  • Multi-storey car parks for 3000 cars in addition to surface car park spaces and accessibility car parking, loading, unloading areas, short stay drop-off parking spaces.

The construction of the whole of the project will be executed in a fast track execution method in a period of approximately 2 years. It is anticipated that parts of the project will be executed by specialist subcontractors. These subcontractors will be procured by and be employed by the CTC Grade 1 Contractor.

The following work packages are included, (but not limited to) within the CTC Grade 1 Contractors scope of works:

  • Fit out, Loose furniture and equipment
  • Medical Equipment (including operational maintenance) & furniture
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • IT, all project related IT infrastructure and components
  • Special Security System

The changing needs for high standard healthcare delivery and priorities of a growing ageing population has brought the issue of healthcare spending into focus as one of the key industry sub-sectors earmarked for investment as part of Kuwait's US$108bn infrastructure development program.

The proposed healthcare development plan centers on the construction of 08 public hospitals and extensions approved by MOH with an allocated budget of 1 billion USD and 09 new towers for existing hospitals under the Ministry of Public Works with a budget of USD 4.19 billion. According to BMI reports, the healthcare expenditure was expected to grow from KWD910mn ( US$3.14bn ) in 2009 to KWD1.02bn ( US$3.5bn ) in 2010.

The seriousness of the government to create additional 3,334 Hospital beds in the public sector by 2016 is evident from its initiative to fast track the hospital building projects by utilizing sophisticated modular systems and precast concrete construction technologies to develop the healthcare infrastructure in the public sector.

The potential for companies offering a broad spectrum of healthcare oriented services including medical equipment, hospital supplies, products and services, and specialized applications is huge especially with the healthcare infrastructure development initiative by the government.

However, the challenge for the Kuwait health sector is to find product/service/ systems provider that can meet its exact requirements with a cost-effective solution. This provider must also be flexible enough to adapt to specific needs through a partnership-based approach. The health sector main focus would be on the ability of technology and the ability of the people providing it to achieve optimum efficiencies.

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